Floating in Iceland

In November 2015, I travelled to Iceland for 8 days.  Travelling from Vik up to Reykjavik I tried to document almost everything that we saw outdoors. "fljótandi" (floating) is a short 5 minute reel capturing the natural beauty found in the southern part of Iceland.

Video was a combination of footage taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro quadracopter and Sony a7s DSLR for time lapses.  

Shooting in Iceland proved to be a massive challenge due to weather.  The DJI drone does a fantastic time holding up against the wind in Iceland.  The first flight was at the crashed DC-3 where the wind was totally wicked.  The copter performed flawlessly.

Zipping around the waterfalls proved to challenge to the copter, however it was next to impossible to keep water droplets off of the camera.

After my experience, I now know 100% how to prepare to shoot in Iceland.  The time lapses, proved difficult to nail due to fighting the cold, and the complete darkness.