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It's Possible / Stage for Change 

Possible is a campaign to raise awareness and shift perceptions around addictions.

I have been so pleased to work with Edward on our Possible Campaign over the last two years! He was the perfect film-maker for our project. The Possible Campaign is an anti-stigma campaign to reduce the stigma about addictions and recovery. Edward filmed music videos and promotional materials for us. People in recovery also volunteer to tell their story on camera and they are often so nervous. Edward was sensitive and helped each person to tell their story in a natural yet powerful way. His use of light and the framing of each story-teller’s face allows the viewer to really feel the essence of their journey. We will be using Edward again for the Third Annual Stage for Change in 2014 and for the next round of videos for our campaign. The Possible Campaign is strengthened by Edward’s film-making.
— Linda Sibley. Executive Director, ADSTV

Full Video series viewable at: http://www.its-possible.ca/stories-of-recovery/

I'm 1in5

I’m 1in5 is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the one in five Canadians affected by addiction, mental illness, trauma, and victimization.


I was responsible for the website creation as well as the video content. 

Behind The Curtain: How We Survive

Nancy and Julie are two mothers coping with the loss of their adult children to suicide. Produced in part with the Canadian Mental Health Association, this docudrama explores the journey of surviving the loss of a loved one.  In addition to the film, I produced a series of accompanying content to be hosted on the website where the campaign lives.  I was also responsible for the creation of the campaign website http://howwesurvive.ca

Nomination: 2014 Champion of Mental Health (CMHA)

When the decision was made to find a Director for our film, we didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be. We didn’t want the film to be interview style, we wanted someone to take our emotions and words and create something beautiful that was captivating to the audience and allowed them to follow our journey in a creative, dramatic way.

Edward was kind, caring, creative and compassionate dealing with such a sensitive subject being the loss of children through Suicide. He was able to take our stories and create a documentary that was moving and informative that captivates the audience.

I am very proud of our video and can’t thank Edward enough for his commitment to this project.
— Julie Varley

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