Product Video/Photography

We offer a complete photography studio to our customers not only in London, ON but all over the US and Canada. If you have product photography we have the ability to shoot on site or off site. We offer product photography, Short social media spots, Food and drink.  If you are located outside, of the London area, simply mail us your products and we will help you build a library for all of your social media accounts.  

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Social Media Shorts. 

Our favourite brands showcase their products in inventive ways. Nearly every site you visit has a video displayed in some form. Video is being embraced more widely as way to showcase your product to a broader audience. We can work with you to create a short spot to feature on any of your social media channels.

Product Photography

Make your product stand out with a wide variety of themes to post on your social media platforms.  More likes, more shares helps spread the word of your product.  We provide services to create a bulk amount of photos for you to schedule your monthly social media posts with a vast library of your products images. 



Food/Drink Photography.

From fast food to fine food and every cuisine in between, our food photography services have you covered from appetizers and entrées to desserts.  Our expert drink photography will showcase your cocktails in a tempting way.  


Have a new dish you want to feature?  Is there a new drink on your menu that you want to draw attention to? Bring your menu to life with our creative food and drink mini videos.