ROOMS: bahna

Adrift above Iceland

In November 2015, I spent 8 days in the beautiful landscape of Iceland.  Captured from the air, the music video for 'bahna' by Los Angeles artist ROOMS  features footage captured around the golden circle in Iceland.  

ROOMS has crafted a sonic masterpiece with this song, and when hearing it brings me back to the landscapes that I experienced on the top of our planet. I am excited to bring a visual element to such a great piece of music

bahna is the first single from ROOMS' upcoming LP, there's no noise here released on Miami label Bribery Corporation

About Rooms:
ROOMS is the moniker of 28 year old Chris Weisson, a Miami born, LA based producer of Cuban/ Ecuadoran descent. Weisson’s production style is very experimental electronica highlighted by sounds and samples that throw the listener for a curve. From Gregorian monks, to a choir of children and chopped up samples of UK television programs, ROOMS melds the familiar with the unfamiliar to create the soundtrack to your favorite dream.

About Bribery Corporation:

Bribery Corporation is a Miami based boutique record label, fashion house, management and booking agency with a focus on highlighting engrossing and soulful electronic music. Bribery prides themselves on a keen eye for minimalism, and an ear for diverse and eclectic music that truly sounds like nothing else. Their mission statement is simple: “The Holy Grail of naked bodies, draped in the finest of silks, paid for with the foulest corruption.”



Los Angeles based producer Rooms just dropped an amazing first release via Bribery Corporation, a new Record Label / Fashion House out of Miamia. The shimmering electronic deep house track takes the listener on an exciting journey.
-C-Heads Magazine

Powerful and introspective are two words that come to mind when one listens to ‘BAHNA’. Where the track really shines though is when it is accompanied by the stunning music video shot entirely in Iceland which was directed, shot, and edited by Canadian auteur Edward Platero.
-EDM Sauce

The burgeoning Miami-based record label and fashion collective Bribery Corporation presents “bahna” by ROOMS, a soaring, progressive, ambient song complimented by an equally powerful and minimalistic music video.
-The Music Ninja

The “bahna” music video navigates Iceland’s plains, waterfalls and more. While the footage looks to be straight out a nature documentary, it perfectly accompanies “bahna” to the point that it’s a wonder such two seemingly disparate concepts had not been melded before. While the “bahna” track stands strongly on its own, its music video realizes a whole additional layer to the track.
- YourEDM

This 5.09-minute video is by far one of the very best things you will watch today. All you need to do is press play and relax. If music videos could win awards, the cinematography for this would be getting an About-Blank award, arguably a greater achievement than an Oscar.
- About Blank