Sarah Smith: Angels & Anchors

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Angels & Anchors is a song co-written by Paulie O'Byrne and Sarah Smith.  Both of whom are fantastic people, and good friends. 

For let's talk day, I knew I wanted to create something to start a conversation. I'm so very proud of both Sarah and Paulie for giving me an hour of their time to be vulnerable on camera, and letting everybody into their own little worlds.  Each thought is hand written by the two of them.  It takes courage to hang those thoughts out there and have the world to see. My respect for both of then in their vulnerability.

I turned my entire world upside down when I broke the silence of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child.  In the time I have done so, I run the gamut of emotions in my healing process.  I've had amazing days, and I have had days where the thought of leaving my own house terrifies me.  Healing is part of growth, and I know I have to be patient in the process.  It doesn't happen overnight.  

I have made some tough decisions over the past year, but I feel i've rewarded my soul with eliminating negativity from my life.  In that I find that I'm more confident in myself and my work.  I still struggle, but I have more good days than bad.  Loving myself can be the hardest thing at times, but I know I'm worth it. I have two incredible children, and some of the best friends on the planet that inspire me in each of their own ways. 

The video was created in support of the POSSIBLE campaign: 

About Sarah Smith:
Most likely you’ve seen Sarah Smith before. As lead singer for Canadian rock band The Joys she earned international stardom, performed with the likes of Bif Naked, The Trews, Sam Roberts and Bedouin Soundclash. The Joys catapulted themselves all over the map and rode the radio waves across North America.

About Paulie O'Byrne:
Paulie O'Byrne was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on an army base before relocating to Mount Forest, Ontario with his family. Paulie played competitive hockey for 14 years and attended Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario for Sports and Recreation Administration. He became a Canadian Certified Hockey Coach at the age of 20. His first coaching opportunity out of college was in Delhi, Ontario in September 2006, where his life would be forever changed by  clinical depression, anxiety, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after years of drug abuse and multiple suicide attempts. His tenacity, courage, strength, and hope have empowered Paulie to embark on a lifelong journey of recovery and survival. In 2012, he got back on the ice, coaching a Junior B team in Calgary, Alberta to a City and League Championship. Paulie now speaks to groups and at conferences about his journey, the road to recovery, and living with mental illness. He has spoken to over 30,000 people across Canada, and has been featured in news, radio, and film across six continents.


Edward Platero: Director/Camera/Edit/Post
Written by Paulie O'Byrne / Sarah Smith. 
Performed by Pat Anthony and Sarah Smith
Location: 121 Studios, London, ON