2016 Jack Richardson London Music Awards

And the Jack goes to...

Earlier in the year, I was approached by the Jack Richardson London Music Awards to participate on a panel for musicians looking for advice on music video creation.  After my initial meeting I offered my services to provide any assets needed for awards night.  Little did I know when I offered, what a monumental task this would be. 

In the creation of each of the Nominee video, finding video clips for each artist would be next to impossible so I decided to shoot musical instruments that fell into the genre of the awards.  

Instrument plates were shot in about 2 hours at Long & McQuade in North London. The staff were a huge help assisting me with anything I needed.  The challenge was getting as much variation on the instruments as possible.  24 categories, at least 5 nominees per category, with a tile card worked out to be 144 different plates. I was able to get 100 to use, so I had to double some shots up.  With 24 different categories, I wanted each one to be unique, wrapped up in a similar style so the audience wasn't watching the same clip over and over.  I've included samples of my favourite ones above.  

These spots are voiced by Skye Sylvain and Brad Gibb.

Every piece of these were done as separate elements.  For each category, there are 24 different elements that come together to make one of these nominee clips. When I edited my first one together, it took 37 minutes. I was terrified.  By the time, I finished the last one, I was able to get the time down to 7 minutes per video to assemble it.  

Each category also had it's own video to play as the winner walked up to the stage.

The plate footage behind the titling is this year's Jack. I was able to quickly borrow it from the engravers for an hour three days before the ceremony.  The award was shot in my basement on a lazy susan with a flashlight on a clamp stand.  

The Ken Palmer Bursary award was to be presented this year via video.  I filmed this with Linda Wharton at 121 Studios in Downtown London

In the end, the final number of deliverables on this project was 70 videos, compiled in 5 days time.  This also including the Title Sequence.which in itself was a huge task.  Unfortunately during the ceremony there was some AV issues so I'm pleased to be able to show these how they were intended to be seen.  

In the category of Music Video, I was very proud that the video I created for Onwards, by the Wax Girl was nominated.  The video was one of my favourite videos I've shot, and I was pleased to see it was nominated among other great pieces of work.  

The winner was Alex Stephenson for his work Warpaint by Ivory Hours.  The video is a massive achievement, and so very well deserved.  My congrats to both him, and Ivory Hours.

Shortly after the ceremony I was one of the first 4 people to be named on the inaugural John Young JRLMA Volunteer of the Year award.  My sincere thanks to Alex, Mario, James, and Grant from the JRLMA board for the opportunity to support the local music scene.  

β€œThe JRLMA was very fortunate to have Edward Platero provide video services for our awards show. Edward not only hit all deadlines but he shattered our expectations. He demonstrated incredible talent, care and vision and was amenable to all our requests. Edward is a true professional.”

— Mario Circelli Chair, JRLMA 2016