Realty Executives: We are Executives

We are Executives...

President of the Exeter branch of Realty Executives Platinum approached me to complete a video to demonstrate what separates them from their competitors.  We sat and spoke about the mission of the video, and what the message that he wanted to convey.  Shot of the period of 2 days with his entire team, the video serves as a peek into the dedication the Realty Executives team demonstrated to their clients.

About Realty Executives Platinum Exeter:

Formed in 2013, Realty Executives Platinum was founded on the notion that being average is not good enough.  Excellence must be at the forefront in all facets of real estate, and thus began the standard this brokerage was established on. 

The need for Realty Executives became evident to Matt Den Hollander, when realizing that times are changing and advancing, yet traditional brokerages are not.  "We are starting from the ground up.  We are relevant, and are not satisfied with complancency.", affirms Matt. 

With offices in Exeter, Mitchell, and now Stratford, our agents cover all of Huron and Perth Counties.  Realty Executives is one of the only in its area that has the expertise and experience to handle all types of real estate.  Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family, Farm, and its own Property Management Division.


Edward Platero: Director/Camera/Editor
Mark Drew: Camera
Rebecca Kraus: Production Assistant
Script: Matt Denhollander
Voice Over: Matt Denhollander