Stage for Change 2016


The mission behind  Stage for Change is to create awareness around addiction. Together, we can create a community that is supportive . A supportive community can challenge stigma and work together to reduce it. When we start to challenge and reduce stigma, conversation begins.

When we think and act alone we can feel powerless. Problems associated with substance use or gambling or an addiction may seem insurmountable. When we positively come together as a community to understand challenges and support those starting the journey of recovery, we start momentum for positive change. Change does feel better when we know we are supported.

2016 marked my 5th year creating original content to be screened at each of the three events held around Middlesex/Elgin County.  The work that people at Addiction Services of Thames Valley means so very much to me, and year after year, it is my pleasure to help support this campaign in any way I can.

Every year, a music video is created in support of the POSSIBLE campaign.  This year, Sarah Smith donated her song, Already Here for use to support POSSIBLE.  The music video was created with Toronto artist, Kristyn Watterworth who created our beautiful set.

Aside from creating the video content for this years events, we live broadcasted the performance from London's beautiful venue, Aeolian Hall out two the world via Facebook Live.