I have been so pleased to work with Edward on our Possible Campaign over the last four years! He was the perfect filmmaker for our project. The Possible Campaign is an anti-stigma campaign to reduce the stigma about addictions and recovery. Edward filmed music videos and promotional materials for us. People in recovery also volunteer to tell their story on camera and they are often so nervous. Edward was sensitive and helped each person to tell their story in a natural yet powerful way. His use of light and the framing of each story-teller’s face allows the viewer to really feel the essence of their journey. The Possible Campaign is strengthened by Edward’s filmmaking.
— Linda Sibley. Executive Director, Addiction Services of Thames Valley
The JRLMA was very fortunate to have Edward Platero provide video services for our awards show. Edward not only hit all deadlines but he shattered our expectations. He demonstrated incredible talent, care and vision and was amenable to all our requests. Edward is a true professional.
— Mario Circelli Chair, JRLMA 2016
We contracted Platero Visual to capture SesquiFest, which ran for 5-days in celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of confederation in downtown London, Ontario. Edward and his team were always at the ready to capture the various activations of the event. We received our daily recap videos first thing each subsequent morning (like clockwork), and were always pleased with the quality. It was also fun to have Platero Visual capture our closing night Sloan concert in 360-degree video, which did very well for us on social media. At every step of the way, Platero Visual was professional, efficient, and ready to work. We would (and do) continue to recommend their services.
— Lia Karidas Canada 150 London Coordinator
We hired Edward, on the recommendation of a friend familiar with his work, to undertake a project that involved telling the stories of young people navigating the mental health care system. At all stages of the process, Edward was sensitive and respectful to the children and their families. His ideas transformed the project into a powerful message of hope and a persuasive tool for donations to a non-profit. When the video played at a fundraiser, the formerly raucous atmosphere became reverent: You could have heard a pin drop. I would not hesitate to recommend Edward to anyone seeking a creative, thoughtful and talented film-maker and storyteller, and I look forward to the day when I can, again, work with him
— Leslie Garrett, Organizer CMHF Mind Games Event
When the decision was made to find a Director for our film, we didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be. We didn’t want the film to be interview style, we wanted someone to take our emotions and words and create something beautiful that was captivating to the audience and allowed them to follow our journey in a creative, dramatic way. Edward was kind, caring, creative and compassionate dealing with such a sensitive subject being the loss of children through Suicide. He was able to take our stories and create a documentary that was moving and informative that captivates the audience. I am very proud of our video and can’t thank Edward enough for his commitment to this project.
— Julie Varley, Suicide Survivor, Howwesurvive.ca


Powerful and introspective are two words that come to mind when one listens to ‘BAHNA’. Where the track really shines though is when it is accompanied by the stunning music video shot entirely in Iceland which was directed, shot, and edited by Canadian auteur Edward Platero.
— EDM Sauce
The “bahna” music video navigates Iceland’s plains, waterfalls and more. While the footage looks to be straight out a nature documentary, it perfectly accompanies “bahna” to the point that it’s a wonder such two seemingly disparate concepts had not been melded before. While the “bahna” track stands strongly on its own, its music video realizes a whole additional layer to the track.
— ourEDM
The burgeoning Miami-based record label and fashion collective Bribery Corporation presents “bahna” by ROOMS, a soaring, progressive, ambient song complimented by an equally powerful and minimalistic music video.
— The Music Ninja
This 5.09-minute video is by far one of the very best things you will watch today. All you need to do is press play and relax. If music videos could win awards, the cinematography for this would be getting an About-Blank award, arguably a greater achievement than an Oscar.
— About:BLank Magazine