Platero Visual is a Full Service Video Production & Digital Content Creation agency specialized in the field of digital production that creates, produces, manages and distributes high impact audio-visual content for digital platforms.

What makes us different? Our production company tells stories in impactful ways. Our ultimate goal is to use our videos to drive emotions that connect people. We believe each lens, each shot, and each angle has an important role to play when telling your story.  Our greatest inspiration comes from collaborating with individuals, corporate clients and fellow artist with open mind to create a finished product that communicates the essence of your story, honours its uniqueness and inspires the viewer to find out more. 

We are constantly challenged to come up with new and impactful campaigns to help brands, community agencies and artists to tell their story.  We are dedicated to in creating attention grabbing visuals, while constantly pushing our work across the changing landscape of media consumption. 

Over the years, we have successfully worked with international brands such as Disney, Hollywood Records & Mattell as well as local community based agencies such as Addiction Services of Thames Valley, The Children’s Mental Health Centre as well as the City of London.

Our clients benefit from our team’s experience working throughout a range of industries and brands.

Our company is allowed to thrive based on the respect, collaboration, and open communication we have with our clients.



Edward Platero is an award winning filmmaker and creative director of Platero Visual. Edward has worked both local and international agencies and artists to create visually engaging and impactful campaigns.  In 2013 Canon Camera USA featured Edward as one of their featured filmmakers using their camera equipment, using his imagery to promote their cameras.  Working for 10 years aa a freelance cinematographer, brings his experience working on a diverse set of skill to serve as the visionary of Platero Visual.  

Edward’s passion to his craft ensure he approaches each project with great care and compassion and to help create an impactful final product.

Awards & Accolades:

Winner, People's Choice: 2012 London Short Film Showcase (The Rose is White)
Winner, Committee's Choice: 2012 London Short Film Showcase (The Rose is White)
Winner, Best Film: 2012 Fringe 62 Hour Film Festival (The Rose is White)
Winner, Best Visuals: 2012 Fringe 62 Hour Film Festival (The Rose is White)
Winner, Best Cinematics: 2011 London Short Film Showcase (Imprint)
Winner, Best Film: 2011 Fringe 62 Hour Film Festival (Frantic)
Winner, People's Choice: 2010 London Short Film Showcase (Shh...)
Nominee, Music Video of the Year: 2016 Jack Richardson London Music Awards (The Wax Girl: Onwards)
Nominee, Music Video of the Year: 2016 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards (Runaway Angel: My Someday)
2016 Volunteer of the Year: 2016 Jack Richardson London Music Awards
Nominee, Music Video of The Year: 2017 Jack Richardson London Music Awards (The Wax Girl: Reminders)

Jay Dunbar, President of Platero Visual, works alongside Edward Platero managing the day to day business operations to allow Edward to focus solely on the 'creative aspect of the company'. . For the previous 12 years, Jay worked at a communications software company in a wide variety of roles as a liaison between his company and major international corporations. 

Jay started working with Edward 8 years ago when Edward first proposed a music video for his band. Over the years Jay has taken an interest in photography and film making leading to continued work and collaboration with Edward. In September 2016 together Jay and Edward started Platero Visual to fulfill a passion and meet a growing need in the community.